153. Find Your Common Thread and Lean In Further with Storyteller Yvonne Marchese

February 11, 2021

Second Breaks 153 Yvonne Marchese leans into storytelling, becomes a podcaster

Highlights of Episode 153

  • Why and how podcasting is a natural fit for Yvonne Marchese
  • How her personal experiences and passion drove her transformation
  • The steps she took to fully embrace her new role and be “all in”
  • How being a storyteller is always a part of who she is
  • Where Yvonne sees her podcast growing

Yvonne Marchese is a professional photographer and a former actress. She’s also a mom and wife, and since 2020, a podcaster. She is the host of Late Bloomer Living, a weekly podcast that delivers fresh perspectives on midlife-living through candid conversations with people who have busted through their midlife doldrums by stepping into the unknown.

“Storytelling has been the thread all along. Everything that I’ve ever done, from theater to photography, and now to podcasting, it has always been about storytelling.”

Yvonne calls herself a serial pivoter. And my recent chat with her focused on this latest reimagining as a podcaster, how it came about, why it came about, and what her experience has been so far, through this transformation.

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Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

I was a big fan of radio, of This American Life. I would listen to that and wouldn’t miss an episode. I got really interested in the idea of doing radio production at that time. But I didn’t have a thread to connect the stories. Also, way back then, podcasts didn’t exist and I was like, do I have to go back to school for broadcast production? What do I need to do? It all seemed very hard to grip my head around at that time.

I love acting. Doing theater was amazing. And what I really loved about it was having a script. Taking somebody else’s words and putting life into them and, telling the story as best I could with my vehicle using their words. But public speaking is a whole other thing. It is much more personal and much more vulnerable for me.

I love the “in-the-moment” finding of what works. That’s really exciting to me. I love doing family sessions where you’ve got kids. Maybe this kid’s shy or this kid is rambunctious. I’m just going to have them throw leaves at me. And maybe this one likes to jump. And so there’s a certain amount of just trying to find the story “in the moment” with the person that I just love. And it’s very similar to having a conversation in a podcast.

I was ready. It really felt like it’s now or never. I’m just really on a mission with what I’m doing with this podcast. I do feel very driven to make sure that, if I’m going to do the podcast, that people are going to listen, hopefully. So if I don’t talk about it, who’s going to talk about it?

It’s awkward. It’s a challenge. It feels very much like, look at me, look at me. But when I can get past that, and go, it’s not about look at me, it’s about look at this idea. Look at this idea that here we are in midlife, and we’ve got all this time left ahead of us still. And what are we going to do with that time? Just that question in and of itself is fascinating to me.

This experience taught me that I can do what I set my mind to.

The reason I decided to do the podcast was because I had changed up some personal habits, my diet, and my exercise. I was feeling energetic and good for the first time in a while. And that got me feeling excited for what might be next and thinking, okay, (I was approaching 50 at that time) if I stay healthy and I’ve got another 30 years ahead of me, what am I going to do with it? That it could be something exciting. It doesn’t have to be like a winding down. I don’t ever want to retire. If I’m doing something I love, I want to be working until I go.

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