Work Life Balance is Personal

June 27, 2019

“We need to stop judging other people’s work-life balance.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s summertime in the US, during which time, none of us want to think about work. It’s all about unplugging and taking time off. Rightfully so.

Apropos of that, for the next four episodes including this one, we’re taking a look at this balancing act that we all have to perform – between work and everything else in our lives outside of work.

First up, let’s chat about that phrase “work-life balance”.

Yes, there is a larger conversation around whether work-life balance even exists or not. But for this episode, let’s not quibble about the term.

Let’s instead look at how we can define what work-life balance means for us. And if there’s even such a thing as the right balance. A standard of sorts.

Work-life balance is a very personal thing. Let’s not judge — or worse, shame — other people’s work-life-balance based on our own definitions.

Highlights of Episode 101

  • Preview of the next 3 upcoming episodes around balance
  • Questions to ask ourselves to figure out what balance means to us
  • Why work-life balance is relative and personal, a conversation of one
  • How we can connect – because I want to hear from you!

• • •

Over to You! I would love to hear your thoughts about what we discussed in this episode.

  • How do you define work-life balance?
  • Have you achieved the balance that’s right for you?

You can leave your comments below. Or find me on Instagram and let me know!


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