Everyone agrees that it’s not going to be business as usual when this current crisis is all over, hence the phrase ‘new normal’ that we keep hearing nowadays. I find it helpful to read about or listen to stories of people who overcame seemingly impossible situations, people who figured out a way not just to adapt to a new normal but to thrive even as a result of it.

What’s Stoicism? How can its teachings help us during hard times? Brendan Hufford joins Lou Blaser to talk about Amor Fati, and Memento Mori, and Amelia Earhart, and Thomas Edison and the big fire. We also talk about this terrible diagnosis that Brendan and his wife learned about their son when he was just 2 years old, which made Brendan really embrace the idea of Amor Fati.

As much as the world seems intent on disrupting everything these days, there are a few things we count on to help us stay grounded. Two of those things are our personal values and our natural preferences — basically what makes us who we are. In this episode: how being self-aware and understanding our natural preferences can help us manage our anxiety level. How leaning on our personal values can help us manage our teams and communities during disruptive times.

Learning about what our mentors or people we admire are doing – how they are processing this moment, and how they’re going about things during these uncertain times – is instructive and motivating. Business owner, employer, and community leader, Tara McMullin discusses how she approaches planning when things are uncertain, and what leading and showing up looks like for her these days.

The world of work is intense and filled with uncertainty at the moment. What should we be doing? Are there steps we can take to position us in the best way possible? And what if you’ve already been affected by the lay-offs and furloughs? What to do then? Dr. Nayla Bahri discusses resilient habits to practice during uncertain times, leveraging her research of the 2008 recession.

A brief episode where I talk about what you can expect for the next season of the podcast, which starts on Thursday, March 26th, 2020.

It’s a common story to have a day job that pays the bills (and even one that you find is meaningful work) while wishing you could be doing something else instead. KC Karr shares how she balances practicalities with her creative pursuits and how creating space in her life for her side projects keep her close to her true passion.

FreshBooks’ Matt Baker shares results of the 2019 Self-Employment Annual Survey. We talk about steps to minimize the risks of transitioning from a traditional 9-5 to a freelance career or self-employment. Plus, how to price your services with a win-win mindset, and how to address the obstacles that new freelancers and first-time business owners face.

Zoha Abbas was let go during a recent round of layoffs at the advertising agency where she worked as a senior copywriter. Good thing that she had already been working on a side gig for three years. Though it was a bit earlier than her original plans, she took the opportunity to go all-in and turn her side project into her full-time gig. Zoha and I talked about how she found clarity around the kind of side business she wanted to grow, the first few steps she did to get off the ground (which by the way, included one thing I wished I had done and the thing I would do differently if I could do a Mulligan), and how she manages the inevitable fears and gremlin voices that chime in when she wants to do something courageous.