It’s not a job for everyone. But if you’ve got the right disposition and the interest to learn the skill set, becoming a Facebook/Instagram Ad specialist can be a lucrative career opportunity to pursue.

Social media created so many new jobs/roles since it became mainstream. I’m not just talking about jobs inside companies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. An entire eco-system supports social media. So many jobs are now needed — and are flourishing — because social media exists. For the next couple of weeks, we’re exploring JUST two of these roles, starting with social media management.

The perfect job isn’t always served in a platter. More often than not, it’s something we have to create and shape without a blueprint ahead of time. Marie Poulin shares how she ‘accidentally’ created a unique role for herself while simply leveraging her love for a new app.

As I wrap up Season 3, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the conversations that I’ve had in this season on career continuity and resilience. In this episode, I share my three takeaways and how I’m incorporating these into my routine.

Senior HR leader, Randy Lumia, discusses how the HR organization is handling the changing workplace. What can employees look to their HR organizations during times of uncertainty. And how we can best position ourselves at work, especially as companies begin measures to manage the ongoing economic situation.

As the current situation extends and the economic issues deepen, more and more of us are going to consider alternate sources of income. This raises that question, is it a good time to start a business? When we hear of small businesses closing shop and the economy’s collapse, how sane is it to consider going into business? These are the questions at the heart of this episode.

Lots of people across different industries and professions are being forced to — or are choosing to — look at their current career path and ask themselves “What else can I do?” For some, this may be a time to reposition themselves within their current field of work. For others, this may be time for a pivot or a career change. In this episode, we explore life coaching as a possible career path with Lee Chaix McDonough.