Instructional Designer Gregg Eiler is in the midst of an exciting career move. He shares how he’s made the decision to use his strengths and passion for course building as the jumping-off point for a new career.

Kathy Bourque, a leadership development coach, talks about the mindset traps that hold us back from stepping into the roles and embracing the influence that we want.

What if you don’t want to change careers? What if you want to explore and play in a new interest and build a second career alongside the first one? Lisa Akers, Spaceship Builder and Master Herbalist, explains how she did it, how she’s managing two careers, and actually enjoy her work and life (!) in the process.

Jacquette Timmons, CEO of Sterling Investment Management, discusses the art of talking about money. We cover why money conversations are awkward, common mistakes to avoid, and how to get support from family and loved ones on your career move that may have financial implications.