130. Should You Start a Business During Times of Crisis with Michelle Ward

May 14, 2020

“To be a business owner, you have to get comfortable with being comfortable.”

As the current situation extends and the economic issues deepen, more and more of us are going to consider alternate sources of income. You may feel the urge to finally do that side project we’ve always wanted to do.
This raises the question, is it a good time to start a business? When we hear of small businesses closing shop and the economy’s collapse, how sane is it to consider going into business?

These are the questions at the heart of this episode.

And to dig into this question, I’m joined by business coach, Michelle Ward. Since 2008, Michelle has been guiding creative women to bridge the gap between an unfulfilling career and their dream business. Her programs include helping women clarify their business goals, launch their idea, and grow their business.

In our recent conversation, Michelle and I talked about her thoughts around starting a business during a pandemic, what to consider if you’re thinking of a product-based business versus a service-based business, and your first steps as you venture into the land of business ownership.

If you’ve ever toyed around the idea of going off on your own, either full-time or on the side, this episode’s for you. And if you know someone who’s mulling this over, point them toward this episode too!

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I’m really happy to say that all of my clients who signed up before this happened, they’re all showing up and they’re all following through. And I’m hearing them say things like, well, when is the best time, when is the right time? And if not now, when and if anything, I want to start this business now more than ever.

To be a business owner, you’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I always tell my clients, you need to search for that feeling of equal amounts of fear and excitement. Because that means that there’s joy around that thing, but you also really care about it and it matters and it’s important to you.

You have to look at things as a whole. What’s the mission statement? What’s the point of the business? What’s phase one of the business?

You do not need a website to get your guinea pig. That’s a procrastination tool. Do not spend a month making a website so you could find a guinea pig to figure out whether you want to do this business. Stop it, you’re procrastinating enough.


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