Season 6: Reimagine Yourself

January 21, 2021

Season 6 starts on January 28, 2021. Here’s what I’ve got in store for you!

Like so many people, I love starting a new year. The idea of turning over a new page, starting a new chapter in my life, fills me with such excitement and drive.

Many would point out though that there’s nothing magical about a new year. It’s simply another day on the calendar. And we can decide to change ourselves and set out for new directions at any time in the year.

This is true, of course. Still, I feel the special spirit and energy that only a new year brings. I can sense the renewed hope for and focus on bettering ourselves. I can feel the collective drive of so many people committing to being who they want to be.

For some of us, “being the person we want to be” may mean minor tweaks and simple improvements from how we’ve already been operating.

For others, it means setting out for a new direction. It’s a choice for reinvention.

No matter where you may be in that spectrum, it’s all about reimagining ourselves — seeing ourselves acting the way we want to act, living the life we want to live, being the people we want to be.

It is in that spirit that the new season of Second Breaks will highlight stories of people who have dared to reimagine living and working differently and transformed themselves along the way.

You will hear from folks who dared to step out from their shell, who dared to embrace who they really are, and who dared to show up differently.

You’ll hear from Yvonne Marchese who dared to use her voice and lean deeper into who she is – a storyteller – and became a podcaster. And from Brigitte Lyons who dared to live the freedom that she’s always wanted, and so in 2020, she and her husband took off to live in a mobile trailer and became truly location independent. (Listen to the audio above for short clips of their stories.)

You’ll hear from Shara Haberman who dared to live a healthier life and became a vegetarian and Tara McMullin who embraced the power of moving her body and became the person who ran and climbed, and worked-out every day.

My hope is that, by bringing you these stories in Season 6, you will find the inspiration to go forth and take a step toward the life that you’ve reimagined.

And if you’re already on that path, that these stories will keep you motivated and strengthened, especially during the rough times when the doubts sneak in.

Get smarter, wiser, and bolder about midlife.