Season 5: Conversations With My Heroes

November 12, 2020

Season 5 starts on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Here’s what I’ve got in store for you!

Marcus Aurelius began Meditations with 17 entries — nearly 10 percent of the book — reflecting upon the various influential individuals in his life. “When you need encouragement,” he wrote, “think of the qualities the people around you have.”

We live in times of great uncertainty across the globe. On any given day, you can turn to your favorite news channel and immediately be hit by the latest miserable story.

For sure, there are wonderful news and stories too. But those are often buried under the avalanche of headlines that make us cringe or grit our teeth or worry about something we weren’t even thinking about before we clicked over to that page. Sadly, those are the kinds of stories that grab our attention just like that.

These days, when our attention can easily be hijacked by negativity and pessimism when the news can bring us down feeling overwhelmed and powerless, we need a strong counterbalance.

We need heroes.


Just to level-set as I’m likely using the word hero in a slightly different context here.

For me, heroes are role models. People who pick their mountains to climb and then go for it. It doesn’t mean their hike-up is easy, perfectly executed, or even pretty.

Guided by their own set of values, they show up. They persevere. And thru their actions, they serve as examples. Hope-bringers. Action-igniters.

I have a list of heroes I’ve collected thru-out my long career. Some of them know they are my heroes. Most don’t. Some know me personally and others don’t even know I exist.


Earlier this year, I had this idea to ask some of my heroes a list of questions that could help me better understand and learn from their process. And rather than do that in private and hoard their nuggets of wisdom, I thought, why not share them with you.

I’ve got this podcast. I can easily do that. All I have to do is ask them if they’d willing to come on the show, to answer my questions “on the record”, and allow me to share it with you. So that’s what happened. I had 5 people on my list initially. And wouldn’t you know it, they all said yes.

I had planned these conversations to be my first season for 2020. Then, just as I was getting ready to release the first one, well… you know what happened. Covid-19 happened. And the world went a little wonky on its axis. So, these conversations were put on hold while we addressed more urgent topics, like resilience and dealing with uncertainty, and such.

We’re now barreling toward the holiday season and the world isn’t better yet. We still have the pandemic and there isn’t a vaccine on the market yet. For better or for worse and soon, we have to set our sights to the beginning of a new year.

We have to lift up our spirits and our hopes and look forward to a different year. No matter how it turns out, whatever the universe has in store for us.

It’s time to share these conversations with my role models with you.

These chats happened long before the pandemic entered our collective consciousness. In that regard, they are timeless. They are not colored by current events. Rather they focus on what’s true and what matters most.


I’m sharing these interviews of my role models with you for a couple of reasons:

1) They are filled with nuggets of wisdom that I should not hoard.

2) I’m hoping these conversations will inspire you to have similar ones with your role models and your own heroes

At the very least, make a list of your role models and know why they ARE your role models. Don’t just write Steve Jobs or Oprah. Think, why him? Why her? What is it about them that you aspire to emulate? What about their thinking or values or behaviors inspire you to be the best version of you?


Get smarter, wiser, and bolder about midlife.