Have you held yourself back from making a career move? Have your doubts and fears stopped you from leaving that job, taking on a new role, or making a career change?

Here's your invitation to join Brave to Pivot, where you'll learn a proven process to overcome those internal gremlins that hold you back from a better job and career.

To be clear  >>> this isn't mindset training. 

Having the right mindset is good great. And it's even better when paired with tangible tools you can use so you're not solely relying on willpower!

Give yourself 30 minutes a day and end the week prepared and confident in your ability to make a move in 2019!

  • 4 Days of live training on Facebook
  • 4 Days of techniques to plan your pivot 
  • 4 Days of emails with tips and reminders
  • Live Q&A
  • A 13-page Brave Your Pivot workbook

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