Thank you for your interest in joining me on Second Breaks.

The podcast dives into one theme topic at a time, explores it from different angles, and produces relevant episodes within a series. My listeners are typically GenXers and Boomers who are employed professionals, self-employed or starting a business.


For now and the foreseeable future, the podcast is focused on the topic of career continuity and resilience.

As such, I’m only considering guests who can speak about relevant areas, e.g.:

  • Longevity and career resilience
  • Mindset and habits to navigate uncertainty
  • “New careers” (jobs/careers that were only made possible by recent technology, e.g., jobs relating to social media management, SEO, AI, etc.)
  • Working past retirement or unretirement
  • Recovering from setbacks
  • Job hunting strategies
  • Networking in the 21st century

If you’ve got relevant expertise or related personal career story, please click the button below to complete a brief questionnaire. Please make sure your responses clearly point to at least one of the areas listed above.

Once we have a potential story in mind, we can see how you might fit into the editorial calendar.

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Lou Blaser