154. Ditch the Apartment for a Modern Nomadic Life with Podcast Ally Founder Brigitte Lyons

February 25, 2021

Second Breaks 154 Brigitte Lyons ditches her permanent address and live on the road

Highlights of Episode 154

  • How does living and working “on the move” actually work
  • Unique challenges and benefits of living in a really small space
  • Where they park, what they do for electricity, internet access, water, among others!
  • How this experience is changing her and how she engages with people
  • The responsibilities of traveling during a pandemic

Brigitte Lyons is the founder of Podcast Ally, a podcast booking agency that has lined up hundreds of podcast interviews for their clients. Brigitte has spent her entire career working in the PR industry, but she believes podcasts are a special medium that impacts the lives of everyone who produces, guests, and listens to a show, and she’s thrilled to have come into this specialization.

And here’s the kicker, she runs the agency while traveling the United States in a 21 ft fiberglass travel trailer, where she lives and works with her husband and gets out to hike as often as she can.

After initially being waylaid by the pandemic shut-downs, Brigitte and her husband took off in their travel trailer in the summer of 2020 to start the life they have always imagined. In this episode, Brigitte shares the behind-the-scenes: how living “on the move” actually works, the challenges + benefits of living and working in a tiny space, and how this experience is changing her.

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Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

My ideal would be to have these different houses in all these places and I could travel from place to place to place. I could set up my microphone for podcasting, my office, take my bed. Like I have this amazing mattress that I like and I don’t like to sleep anywhere else. I could take my mattress and my pillows and my blankets with me. And my business coach was like, “Well, what if you could have that? What does that look like?” And that’s when I realized I wanted to take my home with me wherever I went. So I would have the best of both worlds where I’d have this home base that I could work from, live from, have everything that I needed, and yet be able to have a sense of adventure and deep travel.

We ended up buying a 21-foot, fiberglass travel trailer. It’s under 200 square feet. It’s like 110 square feet. One room, one bathroom. It’s very small but it has everything we need to live our lives, run the business, and kind of explore or places at that slower pace that I really like

Everyone was like, ‘Well, of course, you’re doing this.’ I thought I was going to be this big announcement and it was not.

I don’t want to get sick but I also do feel like a very deep sense of responsibility that if we’re going to do this thing, which is a little selfish, that we need to care for other people as much as we can.

You become so conscious of all the ways specifically with water that you waste water all the time. And being more in tune with your consumption habits and how much trash is generated. Like that is really changing me. And now when we drive through a place that has a lot of litter, I get really upset.

I think that it’s so easy for us to separate ourselves from this earth and this world that we’re in. Living like this has really changed that for me a lot.

This experience really taught me to be very conscious of my water and energy usage. It’s not very deep, but I think it’s good for the world.

This has been such a dream of mine, and you learn so much about yourself, about the way you want to live in this lifestyle. Like you have to. So it’s really fun to have a chance to talk about it.

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