151. Insights From 2020 and Plans For 2021, a Conversation With Dr. Nayla Bahri

January 7, 2021

In This Episode:

  • Dr. Nayla Bahri and Lou Blaser chat candidly about their 2020 and how they are approaching 2021
  • Why and how, in the year that made things so complicated, many things also became simpler
  • Lessons learned and surprising insights about themselves
  • New habits to incorporate, old habits to re-enforce in 2021
  • How they are planning for a year of continued uncertainty and hope

Dr. Nayla Bahri is a leadership and career development coach who focuses on our relationship with work. Nayla co-hosts the Inside Job podcast. She teaches at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Business School, and Teachers College.

Nayla joined me on this podcast twice in 2020, both times to talk about resilience. We initially talked about career resilient habits in good times (which obviously, we recorded before the pandemic). The second time was when the world was just becoming aware of the magnitude of the issue and we were all having our deer-caught-in-the-headlights moment.

In this episode, Nayla and I reflected on 2020 and talked about how we’re planning our 2021. We’re not coming to you as experts but rather as two midlifers who are making sense of the year that was and bringing our lessons learned and hopes into 2021.

Nayla and I talked about surprising realizations about a difficult year, why in the year when everything became so complicated we also found some things became simpler. We shared the small insights we had about things we liked about ourselves in 2020 that we want to carry over in the future.

I want to emphasize the word small there. This is not an episode of big A-ha moments or profound realizations. Nayla and I talked about the little things that happened in our day-to-day lives in 2020 that provided golden nuggets for us personally.

And we talked about how we’re planning for 2021 — a year with so much hope and also still, so much uncertainty in the year. Nayla and I are so different in how we approach new year planning, so you’ll hear two different approaches!


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