[93] Leveraging Your Hard-Earned Expertise as a Consultant | Michael Zipursky

May 2, 2019

Are you looking to leverage your hard-earned expertise to take your career into a new direction? Starting a consultancy practice may be an option worth considering.


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Highlights of Episode 93

  • What a consultant is, how it’s different from a coach or from a contractor
  • What makes for a successful consultant
  • Why true expertise is critical to a successful consultancy practice
  • The 6 principles for running a successful practice
  • Why asking the quality and meaningful questions is super important (and what are the “right” questions)

Michael Zipursky is a kind of consultant for consultants. He helps businesspeople run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. But more importantly, he specializes in helping people transition into a successful consultancy (or simply find more success as a consultant) by leveraging and marketing their expertise in an enormously crowded field.
Right out of the gate, I asked Michael to define what being a consultant means and whether anyone can be a consultant. He also shared the 6 principles that he and his business partner use to run a successful consultancy practice.
People’s origin story – how they found their way into their careers – always fascinate me. In the second half of our conversation, Michael and I talked about how he got into this line of work, what exactly does he do, and who his company serves.
I hope this conversation inspires your next career move and sparks ideas for leveraging your hard-earned expertise into a new direction.

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