[95] Reconciling Purpose, Passion and Income | Meg Casebolt

May 16, 2019

Did you start out with an idealistic dream of making a difference and being of service? What happened to those dreams? How do they show up in your work today?

Meg Casebolt is not new to the show. She’s been with us before when she talked about her career as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant.

Back then, Meg came on to talk about her career, which I categorize under the umbrella New Economy careers — jobs, fields of work that would have not been possible or would even be irrelevant in the Jurassic years (aka before the internet)

But during our earlier conversation, I discovered about her this other thing that we didn’t have time to really get into for that episode — Meg started her career with a very purpose or cause-driven intention.

She wanted her life’s work to be about helping people, making an impact. Sure, many of us feel that way and have similar goals. I feel that way too.

But Meg’s was founded on a desire to empower the disadvantaged. She studied Political Science and Community Economic Development. She joined the Peace Corps. She worked on political campaigns. She started her career in non-profits.

And she would have stayed in that world too had life not intervened and careened her toward a different direction.

So I wanted to chat with Meg again – this time to talk about what happened to those earlier goals? Had she outgrown them? And if she still has similar goals today, how does she reconcile them with being an entrepreneur and a business owner?

I loved my conversation with Meg because we dove into aspirations and those dreams we had when we were young and idealistic and wanted to change the world. And how those dreams sometimes, if we’re lucky, become part of our DNA and influence the work that we do and our career choices as adults.

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