135. The Digital Workflow Strategist with Marie Poulin

August 6, 2020

“I couldn’t have predicted what the work would look like.”
— Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin is a digital strategist and workflow designer. She helps entrepreneurs level up their systems, workflow, and productivity, so they can spend more time on what matters.

Ep 135 Marie PoulinA year ago, Marie found herself in an interesting position, having accidentally created a unique role for herself as a recognized expert of Notion. Notion is an all-in-one tool that blends everyday work apps into one.

While Marie did not intentionally seek this role, she was quick to see the emerging possibilities. She carved a path for herself by taking a chance and not waiting for permission. In this episode, we explore the actions she took, how she simply went with the flow and seized the opportunities as they presented themselves.

I chose this episode to start this season because I think Marie’s attitude as she pursued this new role is worth taking note of. It’s a good foundation framework and an underlying theme as we explore the rest of the season.


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My husband and I were using Notion to manage our life, our business, and our projects. I decided to do a webinar to share and show how I’ve been using it. It was certainly not an expected thing. But doing that webinar — there was so much momentum and so much excitement and so many emails that came in. I thought, okay. There’s something here. Like, there’s, there’s an opportunity here what’s possible. And that’s kind of how it all began.

The more that I was having these office hours with people, the more I was immersed in seeing the challenges other people were having. I developed this expertise in seeing the most common use cases. What are the patterns? What are the questions? And inevitably, I became an expert just by listening and working with people and paying attention to the patterns.

I don’t think I could have predicted what it was going to look like initially. I just thought, okay, I’ll make a course. I’ll make a product. I didn’t expect it to take over and become the majority of where my revenue comes in from. So over time, I asked myself, “Well, where do I want my time to be going?”

The more that you do something, the better you get at it. So you can look at video number one, it’s going to be crappier, of course. That’s part of the process. So I think you have to be willing to just start somewhere, start wherever you’re at without an agenda.

I can look back at some of the comments and I remember the funniest, meanest comment was someone saying, “I don’t know if I can trust this video because her hair is so messy.” And I was like, “Good thing, this isn’t a modeling video.” So, yeah, people are rude, you will get people with opinions and whatever. And you just have to develop a thick skin. Otherwise, you will never do anything of substance.


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