[84] Letting Your Experiences Guide Your Next Career Move | Margaret Vandergriff

February 28, 2019

The inspiration for new career paths can come from different places. We often look externally for ideas. One that’s easy to overlook is our personal experiences which may point us to unique and specialized niches.


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My guest today is Margaret Vandergriff, who had been working in the non-profit world for 25 years, as a freelance grant writer. She’s made a pivot in recent years and her choice of a new career was largely informed and influenced by her own personal experiences.
In this episode, Margaret traces her career path, from the time she initially considered a career in classical music, to freelance grant writing for non-profit organizations, to her most recent pivot helping empty nesters and folks who are looking to relocate geographically.
Two things that I found worth noting on her career move:

  • Her decision to carve a role for herself in a very unique and specific niche, and
  • Her work today is one of those that career options only made possible by the internet and today’s easy availability of data.

Without these technologies, it would have been virtually impossible to provide the services she’s offering. At the very least, it would have been entirely cost-prohibitive.
This last point is always something I like to flag because it’s something to remember about the state of the world we work in today.
Yes, things can be more competitive. Things are constantly changing and therefore it can be more challenging.
But there are also so many different things we can do now that we can’t have possibly considered 10-15 years ago. And this opens up new possibilities and opportunities for career choices for all of us. And Margaret’s career choice today is a good example of that.

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