How to Leave a Cubicle Job and Start Your Own Business | Lydia Lee

February 1, 2018


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Many have dreams of one day leaving their 9-to-5 and becoming their own boss, whether that’s as a freelancer or consultant, or as an entrepreneur, running their business.
We certainly live in a time when the barriers to entry have been lowered and more and more people are taking the leap.
Still, it’s not an easy decision to make, especially if you’ve never been exposed to entrepreneurship in your life. There tends to be a whole list of things we need to unlearn, beliefs implanted in our brains from years of experience climbing the corporate ladder or being a cog in the wheel.
In addition to the many things you’ll have to learn about the business you’re looking to build, you’ll find you’ll also need to manage various mindset traps that may hold you back from moving forward.

What’s my definition of success? Were the things I was doing on a daily basis leading me to a life experience that I want to have? And if I was being honest with myself, it wasn’t. —Lydia Lee

SBP 36: How to Leave a Cubicle Job and Start Your Own Business with Lydia LeeLydia Lee is the founder of Screw the Cubicle and the creator of the Academy of Cubicle Crashers, a 12-month online program that helps people create their freedom career and life.
A cubicle escapee herself, Lydia decided to leave her corporate career when she realized that it was no longer leading her to the kind of experiences she wanted to have and ultimately, the life she wanted to live.
In this episode, she shares how that journey and transition came about, the challenges she faced, and what helped her face those challenges.
Lydia also doles out a ton of very helpful and practical suggestions for anybody who’s thinking of making a leap into entrepreneurship, based on her own experiences and the insights she’s gained from coaching women make this transition over the years.

Ask yourself, ‘What is the right for right now idea?’ Not the ‘right for when I’m on my death bed’ idea. Right now, this is what all my instincts, skillset and guts are telling me that I can do and feel confident with. —Lydia Lee

Highlights of Episode 36

  • Lydia Lee’s career journey, the moment she realized she had to change direction, and how she made it happen
  • What helped her the most during the transition
  • How she addressed the “money” topic, a common challenge for people looking to make a leap to entrepreneurship
  • How she reframed fear so that it doesn’t paralyze, but instead instigates learning
  • Her advice on where to start, what to focus on, if you’re thinking of one day living your cubicle job and starting your own business

Mentioned in this episode

Screw the Cubicle
Academy of Cubicle Crashers
The Prosperous Coach (Lydia’s recommended book)*
The Desire Map Planner

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