[88] Using a Career Break to Figure Out What You Want Next | Katrina McGhee

March 28, 2019

Would you like to take a career sabbatical but couldn’t imagine how you could make it happen? Katrina McGhee shares how she planned hers, her experiences during the 20-month career break, and what reentry to corporate life was like.


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There’s a good chance that you have, at some point or another, dreamt or even seriously considered taking a career break or a sabbatical from your job.

To travel maybe, or write your book, go back to school, or try something different for a while. Live your life a little differently or maybe live a little bit more than you’ve been doing.

Maybe you’ve thought about it but stopped yourself short because you couldn’t figure out how in the world you could make it happen. Financial considerations were likely up there on the list of things to worry about. And you may have also wondered if taking that kind of a break would be hurtful to your career.

If this resonates with you, if taking a career break is something you’d really want to do at some point, then you’re in for a treat with this episode.

My guest is Katrina McGhee, who took a 20-month break from her corporate career.

Katrina traveled quite a bit during her break. But one of the real reasons she took this career break was because she wanted to figure out what she really wanted to do long-term for her career.
Being away from it allowed her — gave her space — to reconnect with herself and helped her figure out her next steps.

In this episode, Katrina shares how she made this 20-month break happen, how she planned for it and what she did exactly. She also talked about her experience during the break. And what her re-entry to corporate life was like.

As you listen, take note of something Katrina mentioned about making choices based on desire, versus choices based on fears.

Often, our decisions and choices are influenced by our limiting beliefs and our fears. We choose to do XYZ because we believe that’s all that’s possible or we can’t imagine being able to do anything else.

Katrina turned this thinking upside down when she planned for her career break and she graciously shares her process with us in this episode.

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