[97] A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Figuring Out Your Career Path

May 30, 2019

“It takes up so much energy to put up a facade, to make an impression, and to ‘fake it’. And what ends up happening, in the end, is that you dread the job you worked hard to get.”

If I were asked, name one thing that most people — of all genders, of all walks of life, no matter what they do for a living – have experienced at least once in their lives, either through first-hand experience or through a friend or family member, my answer would be about figuring out what someone really wants to do with their life.

And 90% of the time, the question has something to do with what they want to do for a living, what they want to do for work, for their career.

We know this story. We know at least one person who’s asked this question. Maybe, you’re even asking that question right now.

I started asking myself this question in my early 30s, I think. It just started as a hum that became persistent over time. And that hum sounded like, “Hmmm. what else is out there?”

Looking back, that’s when I started this fascination around the topic – figuring out what we really want to do with our lives and our careers.

I’ve read countless books and articles, sought advice from different folks, listened to speeches and talks that explore the topic. It’s not a surprise I ended up hosting a podcast that explores these stories. [Here are a couple of books on this topic that I’ve found really interesting: The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte, and The Roadmap by Roadtrip Nation*.]

What I can tell you from all this ongoing work is that there many different ways and approaches people arrive at the answer.

There isn’t just one method. And the more I hear of the stories and the more I study this space, the more I understand there is any number of approaches.

There are common threads for sure, but there are many ways of assembling the parts-pieces.

So, when I ran into Julia James’ practice, I was immediately interested in bringing her to the show so I can ask her about her approach.

Julia James is a career coach who helps her clients get clear on their fulfilling career. What I found intriguing about her approach is the way she integrates body, mind, and spirit to get to the heart of what matters most for her clients.

During our chat, Julia wore her coach hat. Today’s episode isn’t a story about Julia and her career journey, but rather about her process — how and why she uses a holistic approach when working with her clients.

But she also provides 3 practical steps that you can start on your own to explore an integrated mind, body, spirit approach to figuring out the answer to your big question.

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