Introducing Second Breaks

June 30, 2020

Haven’t you heard? The 50s are the new 40s. And the 40s are the new 30s. We, my friend, are at the prime time of our lives. Now is when we get to bring our skills and experiences — all the things we worked hard for — to the table of our choosing. And take up space, wherever it is we want to take up space!

Second Breaks is a show where we talk about thriving in our careers, no matter if it’s our second, third, or fourth one. Lou Blaser is your sidekick-host and each season, we’ll explore topics like career pivots, longevity, future of work, un-retirement, mindset, resilience, and more. All the things we need to kick some butt – so nobody dares to count us out.

Season 4 starts on August 6, 2020. Subscribe to the podcast and tell your friends about it!



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