Going Back to School to Start a New Career

June 1, 2017

Would you be willing to go back to school so you can start over in a new profession? Going back to school isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you’ve been out of it a while and making a living.

It’s even harder when you have to do it on nights and weekends while doing a day job that has nothing to do with the field that you’re studying.

But it’s doable. And Brooke Erickson is proof that it can be done!

Brooke has been interested in nutrition and healthy living most of her life, but she didn’t start out pursuing a career in this field. Instead, she made a living in events planning and operations.

Fast forward to her early thirties when she decided to go back to school, finish her degree and get the training she needed.

Today, she is a functional nutritionist based in Washington, doing the kind of work in an area that has always meant something personal to her.

Highlights of Episode 3:

  • My lesson learned about using fear as an indicator for growth
  • Where Brooke’s passion for health and nutrition comes from
  • The difference between a functional nutritionist and other nutritionists
  • How she managed the challenging task of going to back to school to finish her degree and training
  • What support network helped her make this happen
  • What meaningful career means to her
  • Her advice to anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career in nutrition

You can find Brooke at nourishtrive.com.

My Key Takeaway

The power of clarity of vision and purpose. When we are clear with our “why” and our desired destination, we can take on quite a bit of effort and sacrifice.

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