137. The Facebook Ad Specialist with Julie O’Hara

August 20, 2020

“No course I took taught me what I really needed to know as much as actually just doing the work” — Julie O’Hara

Last week, we started our look into the world of social media with Andréa Jones. Episode 136 provided a good primer of the opportunities in this space. And Andréa’s career path is a great example of where and how you could take your career in social media.

Toward the end of that interview, Andréa shared several positions within her agency. This gave us an insight into the different roles that someone looking to have a career in this industry could explore. One of the critical roles we talked about is one who designs and manages Facebook ads.

Online Advertising Through Facebook

If you’re in business today, I bet you’re at least aware of the role Facebook Advertising plays in the growth of your business. If you’re not a business owner but use Facebook or Instagram regularly, you’ve encountered these ads on your feed as well.

In fact, even if you don’t use Facebook or Instagram, and simply read the news, you’ve heard about these ads that appear on social media feeds. These have been the subject of controversy as there has been tremendous scrutiny of the practices inside Facebook.

However way you look at it, Facebook advertising is a world in and of itself. Designing, running, and managing them is a function within companies, no matter the size, no matter the industry.

It’s one of those functions or roles that require a skill set that crosses multiple areas. One job listing describes the position as a role that…

requires a combination of strategic thinking, analytical, creative, and communication skills. The ideal candidate should have exceptional skills in planning and executing ad strategies and thrive working cross-functionally with internal and external stakeholders.

As someone who’s dipped her toes in Facebook advertising for my business, I know it also requires finance, budgeting, data analysis, and a certain degree of number crunching. Not to mention a very good understanding of the Facebook algorithm and general digital marketing discipline.

Not a Job For Everyone

Second Breaks Ep137 Julie O'HaraAll this to say, it’s a job in and of itself. And it’s not for everybody. But if you’ve got the right disposition for this role, and the interest and willingness to acquire the skills – this is a lucrative career opportunity to consider.

To help us peak behind this role, I’ve interviewed Julie O’Hara, a Facebook and Instagram ad specialist, who recently pivoted to this role. In our chat, we talked about why she made the pivot and how she’s making it work for her today. She also gave an insight into the realities and practicalities of the work itself. And where you should start if you’d like to pursue a career in this space.


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