Early Retirement and Quitting the Cop’s Life | Shane Moran

June 15, 2017

Shane Moran of Goji Fitness shares his decision-making process for taking on early retirement so he can work full-time on his growing business.

For fifteen years, Shane Moran was with the New York City Police Department. And for twelve of those years, he was a detective in its Scuba Team.

The NYPD’s Scuba Team is “one of the few (if not the only) full-time law enforcement Dive Rescue and Recovery Teams in the country.” It handles “anything and everything that can possibly happen in or around water, from air-to-sea helicopter rescues to scouring sewers for explosives. It presides over one of the toughest environments in the world—over 500 miles around and under the waters of New York City.” (source)

So, you can say that Shane’s not averse to taking risks. I mean, he jumped out of helicopters for a living!

shane moran 3 OPT (Image courtesy of Shane Moran)

But deciding to quit that exciting and adrenalin-pumping world, for the equally exciting and adrenalin-pumping world of business, was a different kind of risk. Shane took a diligent approach before committing to early retirement so he can devote his time to his growing business.

In this episode, Lou and Shane discuss how we weighed his decision to leave the NYPD five years shy of full-retirement, to run Goji Fitness, the health and fitness company which he co-founded with Emma Galland.

Highlights of Episode 5:

  • what life was like as part of the NYPD Scuba Team;
  • why and how he made the transition from law enforcement to business and entrepreneurship;
  • how he managed the financial risks that naturally come with starting a business;
  • what inspired the flagship product, Zenberry;
  • what life is like now that he’s not diving into the freezing waters of NYC.

My Key Takeaway

When making any kind of career change (and especially when you’re looking to start a business), preparation is key. Understand the ramifications of your decision so that you can embrace the sacrifices you’ll have to make to achieve what you want to achieve.

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