Doing Meaningful Work by Helping Others Make Meaningful Choices

June 8, 2017

“Let’s not wait for it to come—maybe—to us. That idea of the right fit. Because whatever falls on our lap might not be the right one.” —Deanna Carlisle

My mother picked my college education, and by extension, my initial career direction. Which was all fine and dandy because I didn’t know what I wanted to do myself.

When I look back now, some patterns emerge—clues that could have helped me figure out the right path for myself. At the very least, I could have been more of an active participant and contributor to the decision about what I was going to do!
But I didn’t see those clues. Didn’t even know where to look.

Deanna Carlisle: Helping Young Kids Find Their Career DirectionThat’s why the work that Deanna Carlisle is so important, IMHO.

Deanna works with young kids—and their parents—to help them identify those nuggets and use the insight to guide their decisions about college and, eventually, their career direction.

She guides college students and new graduates through a process that allows them to better understand their own strengths, interests, and personality.

She works with them to identify meaningful and fulfilling college majors and careers, and how they can successfully land internships and full-time opportunities after college.

Deanna is also a second breaker herself. She used to work for Microsoft, where she was a college recruiter. Later, she also led a High School year-long internship program, a joint program between Microsoft and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

It was during this time that she truly saw her passion for working with young kids to help them design their future. Her desire to help young people become more purposeful and intentional in their career direction led her decision to start Youth Career Compass.

Highlights of Episode 04:

  • The importance of “testing things out” (and how to do it) before jumping into a new field of work and career path.
  • How to recognize patterns or signs that will help your kids (and you too!) figure out what you want to do
  • What to talk about with young kids when considering their college options and career direction
  • What motivated her to leave a stable and safe job
  • Dealing with anxieties and fears when starting your own business
  • Meaningful work in terms of the impact of your work on other people

To learn more about Deanna Carlisle and her work, visit her at Youth Career Compass.

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