[92] Burnout: How to Detect, How to Prevent | Dara Paoletti

April 25, 2019

Are you on your way to Burnout City? Who is most susceptible, how to catch the telltale signs and what to do about it.


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Highlights of Episode 92

  • How to recognize what Dara refers to as the “zombie” work-life.
  • Three common misconceptions around burn out
  • Being a workaholic doesn’t mean you’re heading to burnout. Conversely, burnout happens even to non-workaholics.
  • How to recognize the telltale signs of burnout
  • Small steps are the key to recovering from or preventing burnout

• • •

My guest today is Dara Paoletti – a certified life coach – who specializes in helping women beat burnout and get their life back.
Dara’s been there. She experienced feeling burnout herself. In this episode, she shares her own story – how she felt and why, for a long time, she thought what she was experiencing was “normal”.
Dara has spent time studying burnout and she shares some common misconceptions around this topic – including who’s most susceptible to burnout. I’ll tell you, is not who I thought it would be!
Dara’s suggestions for burnout recovery will probably surprise you – as it did me. They are small steps. So small you’d think “how is this going to help me”. But these baby steps are precisely what we need to overcome burnout.

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