[96] Financial Considerations for Your Career Move | Christina Gatteri

May 23, 2019

“When you think about making a change, the financial aspects of it is always the first thing that comes to mind because that’s going to be the biggest thing that holds you back.”

No matter the kind of career move you’re thinking of making — whether it’s a move up or a lateral move or even an intentional downshift if you’re moving into a new field of work — there’s one thing that you will at some point want to sit down and consider. If you have a significant other, you’ll probably want to or need to sit down with them too.

I’m talking about the dollar and cents implication of your career move.

After all, our careers are the main way we earn a living, for most of us anyway. So, it makes sense that we look at the financial implications of our career plans.

For this topic, I wanted to be with someone who actually knows what she’s talking about.

My guest today is Certified Financial Planner, Christina Gatteri.

Although we started our chat with the context of a pivot or career change in mind, it quickly became clear that these topics apply regardless of whether you’re making a pivot or not.

We got to talking about financial freedom and planning for future, and the things that we can do today — what Christina referred to as good money habits — to get us in position to have choices tomorrow.

My conversation with Christina reminds me of the quote “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

Sure, you and I may not be doing the things she suggests — yet — but that doesn’t mean we can’t start today.

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