On Writing and Finding Your Way Through Your First Book | Brenda Peregrine

July 6, 2017

Is writing and publishing a book a dream of yours? How the state of today’s publishing industry opens opportunities to aspiring writers and common misconceptions by new writers about the writing process.

Perhaps one of the most common dreams across all generations is the desire to write and publish a book. To pour out your thoughts and imaginings on a page and to see your name emblazoned on the front page of your masterpiece. To touch someone through your words. To create something you can leave behind.

I know this oh-so-well because this is the dream I am working on! Fifteen books before I kick the bucket. That is the life goal!

So, when I sat down with editor and book coach, Brenda Peregrine, I had a long list of questions to ask for you, my aspiring writer friend. But to be candid, for me too!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Amazon changed the publishing industry, and what this means for first-time writers
  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing versus hybrid
  • Why self-publishing is a “team sport”
  • Common misconceptions of first-time writers
  • What writers should know about the writing process versus the polishing process
  • Writing habits and writing mindset
  • The different kinds of editors, when you need whom when
  • What to keep in mind when getting writing feedback

My Key Takeaway

The importance of finding your own creative rhythm and process. Just because something is a “best practice” doesn’t mean it’ll work well with you. True for writing and for anything you’re doing for the first time. Don’t feel constrained or pressured by what others are doing. Test things out and adopt the process that works best for you and your situation.

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