121. Balancing a Day Job and Your Passion Projects with KC Karr

January 30, 2020

“When you’re pursuing your passion on the side, it’s important that you find your people — those who will understand what it is you’re trying to do.”

This episode is the last one on the Side Hustle series. I chose today’s story as an endcap for the series because KC Karr’s story has many elements to it that will resonate with many.
The specifics may not apply exactly. For example, what KC does for a living or what her side hustle is about may not apply to you. But the broad themes around the why and the how of things will ring true.
KC Karr works at an outpatient clinic as a sonographer. That’s her official day job. But as much as she likes helping patients and finds this work meaningful, it is not her passion. Her heart is in writing.
When I sat down to chat with KC, she shared the frustration of doing one job and wanting to do something else. She talked about how, in an effort to give her writing career a boost, she hired a book coach over a year ago, and how this experience sparked an idea for a new side gig.
Today, KC does all of the above. She has a full-time job, is actively pursuing her passion, and also nurturing a side gig. Sounds like a lot, right?
In KC’s case, she makes the time and creates space in her life to accommodate all of these activities. Her side gig helps her stay close to her passion. She’s growing it so that one day soon, she may be able to leave her day job to go all-in with her writing career.

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