Creating a Location-Independent Career | Amy Scott

November 9, 2017

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase before: location-independent lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve thought about making a career pivot to create this situation for yourself. Or maybe, you’ve raised your eyebrows and wondered if this is merely one of those hyped-up internet stories that are totally impractical.

SBP 24: Amy Scott, Location-Independent CareerMy guest for this episode is editor Amy Scott, who also happens to be a coach supporting people who would like to live a location-independent lifestyle.

Amy left her day-job in the traditional publishing world to take an 11-month sabbatical traveling around the world. At the conclusion of the experience, she had little interest in going back to work where she would be required to be in an office 9-5 every day.

It was 2004, and she decided that to make a living, she would begin to offer freelance editorial services that she could do pretty much anywhere. Fast forward to 2017 and Amy had never looked back.

Her location-independent career has taken her all across the U.S., to Argentina, and Mexico, among others.

Today, in addition to her thriving small business that provides editorial services to indie publishers, she also offers coaching support to people who are looking to maintain a location -independent lifestyle.

In this episode, Amy and I talked about how her nomadic career all got started, what location-independent really means, and the factors to consider when thinking about adopting such a career or lifestyle.

And, as I know there’s always someone out there looking to write their first (or second!) book, I took advantage of Amy’s editorial expertise. She shared her thoughts on traditional versus independent publishing considerations, and how to hire editors for your next writing project.

Highlights of Episode 24

  • How Amy began her freelance editor career
  • The (surprising) main challenge she faced when she was first starting out
  • What location-independent work is really about
  • How her location-independent career helped her accommodate various life situations and phases
  • Key considerations, if a location-independent career sounds interesting to you
  • Factors to consider when deciding between traditional pubishing or independent publishing route
  • Working with an editor: when to hire one during your writing process and how to evaluate someone to work with

To learn more about Amy Scott, visit her at Nomad Editorial or Nomadtopia.

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