Allison Walsh: Going After Ideas Long-Held And Brand New

September 15, 2015

allison walshIn the summer of 2014, I posted a blanket message to a Facebook group looking for 4 women who were seriously looking to build a business, with a goal to form a mastermind group.
Allison Walsh was one of the first who responded back with her interest. As they say in the movies, that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We’ve been having weekly calls since then, and Allie has become one of my closest friends – even though we’ve never met in person!
But this isn’t the reason why she’s featured here.
Allie has also taken the leap to begin her second break.
From a successful corporate career in the law/marketing field, she’s now jumped – yes, both feet – into the big blue ocean of entrepreneurship.
In fact, she’s not only building one business. She’s building two.

If you have a (corporate) job and you love it, and you want to stay in your job, then rock on with your bad self. Because there’s true merit to that. And really great lives can be lived there. No question. If you’re one of those people who gets a calling, who has an idea that’s knocking on the door and it keeps on knocking, I feel like that rises eventually to an obligation.—Allison Walsh

Allison Walsh and Lou Blaser
You can listen below or download to listen for later.

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In this recorded conversation, you’ll hear us talk about:

    • The conversation that was the catalyst for her making the leap and finally doing something about an idea that she’s had for a long time;
    • What her father, who’s also a lawyer, told her upon hearing about her decision;
    • The random thought that gave birth to Wildflower Uprising;
    • Why and when pursuing a calling rises to the level of obligation;
    • What scares her the most about her second break;
    • What freedom means to her;
    • The four-point advice she gives everybody who’s thinking about a second break.

You can find more about Allison Walsh here and here.
Onwards my friend.


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