Get older, get bolder.

That’s the mantra of Second Breaks Media. It may be a cliché but it’s true. As Gen Xers and Boomers, we’ve earned the stripes to do, create, lead, and take up space… wherever it is we want to take up space.

We do have some challenges. The world of work is changing rapidly and constantly. Navigating it is, shall we say, interesting. 😉 We have the givens we learned and grew up with that we have to unlearn because they don’t apply anymore. Replacing those are the new ways of working, of communicating, and of showing up that we have to embrace.

The good news is we are not wanting for information. In fact, we’re drowning in it.

That’s where you can rely on Second Breaks.

Through Briefing Notes and the podcast, Second Breaks makes it just a tad easier to navigate our evolving world and thrive in our careers – no matter if it’s second, third, or fourth one!



Hello. I’m the curator and editor of the weekly newsletter, Briefing Notes, and the host of the Second Breaks podcast.

Being among the oldest of the Gen Xers, I’m one who’s been around the block a few times and have worn many hats in my professional life. While I did enjoy climbing the corporate ladder, running Second Breaks Media has brought immense joy and fulfillment in so many ways. Which just goes to show, we’re never too old to reinvent ourselves.

My hope is that with help from Second Breaks, you’ll discover the path to your next chapter, whatever that may be, and the resources to help you pursue that which makes you feel fulfilled.

One of my favorite quotes is by Jane Goodall: “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Here’s to making your kind of difference,
Lou Blaser