This is our time to expand.

Second Breaks’ mission is to help the over-40 navigate and thrive in their midlife. We are anti anti-aging. We believe in a positive, healthy, and empowered attitude about getting older. The motto that we sing every day is Celebrate Midlife.

Members of our tribe believe that midlife isn’t about contracting, getting smaller, or slowly becoming invisible! We have so much energy and experience to bring to the table — of our choosing. This is the time of our life to expand, take space, and step into all the roles we want to play.

Second Breaks delivers on the mission through The Briefing Notes: a weekly digital newsletter that curates resources and tools for working well and living well in our midlife. Each edition is a thoughtfully edited digest — from wide and varied sources — to help your continued growth and success in life.

The Second Breaks podcast is a seasonal show about life in the middle, where we explore what it actually takes to navigate, flourish and make our midlife the most wonderful phase in our life.

She thought she could, so she did!

Lou Blaser
This all started as an idea in Lou Blaser’s head. “What if I did this?” was the question she asked herself. And so, with little financial backing, broadcasting, or publishing experience, she proceeded anyway.

What Lou had was years and years of experience working and climbing the proverbial ladder in corporate America. As a management consultant for PwC, she lived the value of staying relevant in an evolving marketplace. As a woman and an Asian American, she learned the importance of finding your voice and taking space. And as an elder Gen Xer, she knows full well the challenges — and opportunities — mid-lifers face in a fast-changing world.