150. A Year-In-Review And Takeaways From My 2020 Guests

December 31, 2020

150. The Biggest Takeaways from my 2020 Guests

In This Episode:

  • What a planning process could look like in times of uncertainty
  • How we guard against complacency and what normal really is
  • Massive disruptions can change many things but not everything. How to figure out what pre-existed before the major event
  • The importance of remembering our original intentions
  • The value of celebrating every step in the journey and finding joy in the every day

Well, my friend. Here we are. We made it to the end of this extraordinary, unbelievable year that was 2020.

I won’t pretend that I can imagine what kind of year you had. I have this sense that we’re in this situation where we’re all experiencing the same thing – but we’re having different kinds of experiences.

I will hazard a guess though that the kind of year you had was quite different from what you had planned for back in January 2020. Maybe you had to change your goals because of what’s happening. Lots of people certainly had that experience. Maybe you kept the same ones – but there’s a good chance the way you executed those goals was different from the original plans.

Regardless of how your year panned out, I think you can take a pause here and give yourself a pat on the back. You adopted, you accommodated, you adjusted. You did the best you can! And that’s all we can really ask of ourselves.

In the spirit of “we’re all in this together,” I wanted to reflect and share with you the five most memorable interviews – the specific ones that really struck a chord for me.


Briefing Notes
124. Leadership, Planning, and Showing Up in Times of Uncertainty with Tara McMullin
127. Adapting to and Living a New Normal with Kristen Girard
128. Is Self-Doubt Stopping You From Stepping Up with Tanya Geisler
140. The Virtual Assistant with Janice Dalager
147. Managing Ourselves, Our Enoughness, and Our Attitude Around Rejection With Bonnie Gillespie



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