The tools and strategies you need so you can make your move confidently, create the career — and life! — you want, and reach your highest potential.

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Get ideas and learn how others have done it. The Second Breaks Podcast is a weekly show that explores what it really takes to make a career move in today's fast-changing world.


Surround yourself with people building resilient and thriving careers inside AndThriving, a social and professional network for the new economy.


Work your goals in Own Your Career, a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop series that gets into the nitty-gritty as you devise your strategy and develop your career move plans.


Fast-track your career move and move forward with confidence with an individualized strategy and planning project with Second Breaks founder, Lou Blaser.
“Lou has created an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever contemplated a career move. Her guests provide relevant, real-life experiences and insight into how to approach and most importantly, how to actually make such a move.”

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The mission of the Second Breaks Podcast is to highlight all the ways that we can make a career move in today’s world… so we can thrive in our work and reach our highest potential.

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