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Industry trends, the latest thinking and working strategies to help you make smart decisions about your career. We comb through trade journals, news, podcasts, books, and research studies so you don't have to — because really, who has the time?

The Podcast

A show that explores what it takes to navigate a changing work landscape. Lou Blaser dives into real people stories to find inspiration and actionable strategies for Gen Xers and Younger Boomers looking for the next chapter in their careers.


An invaluable resource for anyone who has ever contemplated a career move.
Lou covers the topics that are important to me and my career. Well done Lou!
Authentic and collaborative. It is very refreshing in our often fake, too-good-looking world.
A fresh point of view full of ideas you can use right away! I always learn something new.
I love this newsletter and look forward to it every week!

Hello. My name is Lou Blaser.

I'm the editor/curator of Second Breaks (the newsletter) and the host of the podcast with the same name. I figured out a way to channel my curiousity, love of research, and reading obsession into something that's helpful to other people. Hah!

Some things you should know: I believe that growing and thriving in our work extends beyond "a certain age". I am pro-unretirement. And my personal mission is to help create the kind of world where this isn't only possible, but is easy for folks like us!

I hope you'll join me by signing up to Second Breaks.