Pivots and career changes are the norm as businesses remake themselves in a digital world. It has never been more important — and more exciting — to be in the driver's seat of your career.

Second Breaks' mission is to help you make your brave moves.

Second Breaks - The Podcast

A weekly show exploring how people are embracing what's possible in the future of work, making smart moves, and thriving in their chosen careers. Featuring conversations with professionals, freelancers, and small business owners who share insights from their career journeys.



AndThriving - The Network

A network for professionals refusing to get left behind in a changing world and taking control of their career direction. Members get access to webinars, monthly mentoring calls, career pivot resources, and a platform for building professional connections critical in a digital world.


“Lou has created an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever contemplated a career move. Her guests provide relevant, real-life experiences and insight into how to approach and most importantly, how to actually make such a move.” ★★★★★ iTunes Review

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Hello. My name is Lou Blaser.

I'm the host of Second Breaks and the founder of the AndThriving Network. My professional career spans over two decades with a focus on change strategy and implementation. So you might say that making change happen — whether by necessity or intention, whether for organizations or individuals — is in my DNA.

I believe that in a world like ours, we all should have the opportunity to grow and thrive in our work. With everything that technology has now made possible, there's no reason to feel and remain stuck. My personal mission is to see a world where fewer people are unhappy at work and more of us engaged in our highest contribution.