It sure is different out there. It's not like how it was 10-15 years ago. While this changing world of work can be challenging, it also provides unique opportunities for us to create the future we want for ourselves. Now more than ever, we have choices. We have the tools. We can do the kind of work we want to do and thrive doing it.

Our mission is to help you gain the confidence to step up and take that opportunity.

Second Breaks - The Podcast

A weekly podcast where we explore stories and strategies for navigating this new world of work. Featuring interviews with thought leaders and behind-the-scenes conversations with professionals who share insights from their career journeys.



AndThriving - The Network

A professional network that gives you access to strategies and tools, 1:1 mentoring, and a platform for building professional connections — all the things to support you as you make a move and transition to your chosen career.


“Lou has created an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever contemplated a career move. Her guests provide relevant, real-life experiences and insight into how to approach and most importantly, how to actually make such a move.” ★★★★★ iTunes Review

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Hello. My name is Lou Blaser.

I'm the host and producer of Second Breaks and the founder of the AndThriving Network. My professional career spans over 20 years with a primary focus on change strategy and implementation. Whatever success I've achieved, I credit to having access to mentors and advisors who guided me as I progressed in my career. That's why mentorship is a key part of the work I do today.

I strongly believe that in a world like ours, we all should have the opportunity to grow and thrive in our work... and my personal mission is to see a world where fewer people are stuck and more of us engaged in work that is our highest contribution.